We offer an innovative person centered service individually tailored for each service user.  Our aim is to maximize independence and life skills whilst taking an active part in the local community life. Each service user will have an individualized daily activity program taking into account their choice of interests. This will be devised in conjunction with their allocated key-worker. Each service user will also have as part of their care plan an individualized Communication Plan. This will take into account any strategies currently used with the aim of building on these to maximize communication skills.
The service users are supported 24 hours per day by a highly trained and skilled staff group with experience in Learning Disabilities, Autism, Mental Health and Challenging Behaviours. All staff are carefully selected to reflect the needs of the service users.


Person Centred Planning

Person Centred Planning is the means in which we support people to achieve their goals in life. This puts the person at the centre of every aspect of their lives. It is a process of life planning for individuals, based around the principles of inclusion. Person Centred Planning tools are alive and active, always ensuring the focus person is central and in control. They are flexible, setting no limits to the person’s wants, needs and dreams for their life. In Person Centred Planning the process, as well as the product, is owned and controlled by the person (and sometimes their closest family and friends). As there are no prescribed forms, tick boxes or checklists, the resulting plan of support is totally individual. It creates a comprehensive portrait of who the person is and what they want to do with their life and brings together all of the people who are important to the person including family, friends, neighbours, support workers and other professionals involved in their lives.


Within our services at Centrust we work positively to enable our service users to effectively integrate into the society in a variety of ways.

These include

  •  helping them to access local services within the community
  • ensuring that rights and entitlements are secured
  • Opportunities and to overcome barriers to learning, training and in particular employment.


At Centrust Care we believe that inclusion is about learning to live together. We deem inclusion as

  • Being able to live life to the full
  • Being proud of ‘abilities’ and how others can learn from them
  • Respecting diversity.


Communication skills are seen as essential for each and every person living at a Centrust service. . These skills enable the service user’s fulfillment of life and reduce frustration and challenging behaviours. Each service user has an individualized communication plan to encourage all aspects of communication from expressing basic needs through to choice of activities, leisure time and enriching life. Makaton is an excellent example of communicating with learning disabled people but which ever chosen means of communicating will be worked with aiming at constant improvement no matter how small.