Haydons Lodge

A modern residential home comprising of two, 3 bedroom bespoke units for adults aged 18 years and above with mental health conditions and/or learning disabilities, challenging behaviours and additional needs.

The Environment:

Haydons Lodge is a contemporary residential home situated in a quiet residential area of Wimbledon close to local shops and amenities. The environment is both stimulating and socially active to meet the various needs of our residents. The home consists of two bespoke 3 bedroom properties each with its own lounge, kitchen and dining area. The gardens are shared to encourage social interaction such as attending vegetable plots, outdoor games and barbeque.

The Service:

We offer an innovative person centered service individually tailored for each resident.  Our aim is to maximize independence and life skills whilst taking an active part in the local community life. Each resident will have an individualized daily activity program taking into account their choice of interests. This will be devised in conjunction with their allocated key-worker. Each resident will also have as part of their care plan an individualized Communication Plan. This will take into account any strategies currently used with the aim of building on these to maximize communication skills. Quality of life is paramount with the aim of providing an ordinary lifestyle.

The residents are supported 24 hours per day by a highly trained and skilled staff group with experience in Learning Disabilities, Autism and Challenging Behaviours. All staff are carefully selected to reflect the needs of the residents.

New Horizons

A large residential home divided into three independent units offering bespoke residential services for adults with learning disabilities, challenging behaviours and additional needs.

The Environment:

New Horizons is a unique residential home which has 3 units designed to provide bespoke services for learning disabled people who require an environment where they can reside by themselves or with one other person, whilst also allowing promote social interaction. Each unit has its own lounge, dining area and kitchen. 

The home is situated in Wembley close to local shops and amenities facilitating integration into the local community including the local sports centre, cinema, and local attractions.

The Service:

New Horizons provides a unique service providing bespoke services whilst encouraging integration and participation into the community. Services are flexible allowing pure one to one bespoke services and up to three people sharing a unit. There is encouragement to be as independent as possible in all activities of daily living including the day to day running of the apartments. Highly individualised care plans, activity programs and person centered plans are in place to nurture such independence and to aspire to personal aims. Highly trained staff are available 24 hour per day to facilitate this process. New Horizons is a unit that aims to allow the individual to progress in a positive environment, whilst providing individualised care and support.